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Quality world wines sourced by LWC

Drinks & Cocktails

Unique, and traditional with a twist cocktails will be offered from our extremely well stocked back bar.

Think trendy New York lounge bar versus Parisienne inspired speakeasy.

Carefully crafted opulence tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city's crowded circuit bars. 


With a full liquor store, quirky craft beers, and quality world wines and champagnes.

We are passionate about our drinks...

the late night cocktail bar vibe starts from 8pm warming up till the early hours accompanied by a cool, upbeat, people pleasing soundtrack.

We always provide drinks service to your table, whether you have an individual table or one of our luscious booths available for 1 to 14 people.  Sit back and relax we've got the high service standards covered!!


Tidbits are available until Midnight when Missy's is open that little bit later.

We're open until 2am on a

Friday & Saturday.

Cocktail - Gin & Blackberry Bramble
Missy Milieu's Heart Shaped Logo
Missy Milieu's Cocktail & Drinks Menu
Soft leatheron booths to seat your group in style and comfort
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